How to open an email account


COEWEBS premium client can open free email accounts associated with their domain (like

if you purchased your domain from us, no need to do this - we will set the email up for you, just send us an email.

To open an email account, follow these steps  -

Step 1:

Go to and click on GET STARTED. 


Step 2 - Creating your email addresses:


Click again on GET STARTED to create your Zoho account. 

After choosing the email package you want, finish creating your account.

Step 3 - Verifying your domain ownership:

Some changes need to be made in the domain's DNS records in your registrar account (where you bought the domain, to locate it see -

Verify the ownership of the domain by adding a CNAME into your domain's DNS.

• This is an example of the CNAME record you'll see in Zoho mail setup:

Log into your domain's DNS control panel to add the CNAME record:

1. In your cPanel, navigate to your DNS Zone Editor

2. Enter the CNAME record received from Zoho.

3. Return to the Zoho's email setup window, and click 'Verify'. Do not logout of your registrar account just yet. 


Continue with the setup steps until you reach the 'Change MX Records' step.



Step 4 - Changing the MX Records:

In your domain's DNS control panel:

1. Locate the MX entry panel.

2. Delete all existing MX entry records (Important: only Zoho's MX records should be there)

4. Enter the following entries and save the changes:


Step 5: Login to your email account:

Sign into your email account through


And that's it. :)

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